Finnegan's Wake

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Keeping with the grand Irish tradition, Finnegan’s is more than just a bar; It’s a community gathering place where friends come to relax with good conversation, hospitality, and laughter

Discover Our Menu

Our Menu

The Kitchen is open from 5pm- 10pm daily!

Weekly Special

Three oz beer-battered and
deep-fried fillet!


1/4th lb. Burger

Add Patty– $1.25
Add Cheese– $0.75
Add Pickles–$0.25


The Chicken Strips

Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t?


Corn dog

Just the kind of love you need



Every time a bell rings,
you get your four wings


2 Soft Pretzels

The softest of soft


Fried Green Beans

The best way to eat your greens is
battered and deep-fried


French Fries

When you know you know



Beer Cheese– $0.50

per serving

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To book a party, use the form below or give us a shout at (417)869-1500

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As Springfield’s Oldest Irish pub, Finnegan’s Wake has made its home in the heart of downtown Springfield, Missouri since 2006. Attracting beer goers, food lovers, and everyone in between, for good times, great memories, and friendly faces. It’s Finnegan’s wake. 

“What are your hours?”

Tues-Sun: 5PM- Bar Close

“What are the daily specials?”

Check in with our facebook page to see our rotating daily specials!

“Does Finn’s have a cover charge?”

Not at all! Come join the fun and use the money for a drink instead!

“Does Finn’s have a minimum?”

It depends if you are using cash or card. If using cash, not at all! If using a card, yes there is a $5 minimum.

“I started a tab and only spent $10, why is there a $25 charge to my account?”

Whenever you start a tab with us we first swipe your card, once swiped to start your tab our Toast System will send a ping to your bank asking to see if there is at least $25 in the account. If you spend less money than the $25 then you will see two charges, after a 24 hour period the bank will drop off the $25 check/ the difference of the check.

“Why do I have to pay for my straw?”

We strongly believe in reduce, reuse, and recycle. The metal straws that we sell are wrapped up in recycled plastic. We also sell them at wholesale which means we make no profit on the sales of these straws, and best yet, the straw is yours to keep!

“I left my credit card overnight, when can I get it back?”

Come on by during happy hour with your ID and one of our staff will go and retrieve it for you. Please note that any debit or credit cards left overnight will have an 18% gratuity added to the tab.

“Do you have a DJ?”

Yes, and it’s you! At 9 PM every day we turn on TouchTunes which is a jukebox that you can connect with any Android or iPhone. Just download the app and start jamming! 

Finnegan’s Wake

Open Hours

Tuesday thru Sunday

5 pm-1:30 am


305 South Ave, Springfield Missouri


(417) 869-1500